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The Sheath - iPhone X

The Sheath - iPhone X


The perfect blend of minimalism and shock absorption. Drop tested to 2m / 6.6 ft. Ultra slim and manufactured from ShockLiteTM, a soft, gel-like, flexible polymer with excellent shock absorption. Compatible with wireless charging.

Exquisitely slim, shock absorbing protection.

The Sheath measures a mere 0.9mm at its thinnest point, yet is drop tested to 2m / 6.6 ft. Manufactured from ShockLiteTM, a soft, gel-like, flexible polymer with excellent shock absorption, the Sheath is the perfect blend of sleek, minimalist design and drop protection to cushion your iPhone from everyday drops and tumbles.

Considered craftsmanship.

A unique, micro-etched matte texture that strikes the perfect balance between great feel and excellent grip. Smooth, rounded edges that extend ever-so-slightly above your phone's screen for added protection. Button covers that provide satisfyingly tactile feedback. A thicker reinforced wall around the charging port to reduce wear over time. Every last detail, thoughtfully considered and crafted.

Customer Reviews

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Slim Case with Good Grip

Due to my weak grip, I've been looking for a case that isn't smooth. I had one of those silicone cases which was great for keeping a hold on my phone, but it wouldn't slip easily into and out of pockets. This case is perfect, solving both those problems. It has enough texture so that I don't drop it, and I can easily put into and pull out of my jeans pockets. Very pleased.

Caudabe checks all of us the important boxes

I have been a longtime fan of Caudabe since a close friend introduced me years ago. My personal favorite is the Sheath which I have always used on the largest size iPhone. The Sheath is minimalistic in terms of material and maximum in great design and protection. Even though I (or my grandkids) have dropped my iPhone 13 Pro Max numerous times, the case barely has a blemish, and the phone, of course, remains blemish free. I am incredibly picky on design; “form follows function,” Caudabe checks both those boxes and an important third box; price/value relationship. I just ordered the Sheath for my new iPhone 14 Pro Max.

John Lee
Best iPhone Casing

The quality of the casing undeniably the best I have ever had since iPhone 4.

a Case of Perfection

It only took me three years to find the overall perfect case for my iPhone X, but the Sheath is that case. It is thin, form-fitting, solid, and has a unique texture that feels akin to stone. The case is handsome, high-quality and grippable. It's the highest-class, non-leather case that I have come across and it will be my first choice for a case when I upgrade to the 2021 iPhone.

Best IPhone Case

I’ve had three of these cases and they’ve protected my phone through bike crashes, drops, and a hit and run where I flipped my car. I cannot recommend them enough. When paired with their screen protector your phone is seemingly indestructible. They’re sleek, have a great feel with good grip, and don’t get stuck when putting in/taking out of your pocket. I’ve made my girlfriend, siblings, and friends buy them. Everyone loves them!

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