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The Veil XT - iPhone 7 Plus

The Veil XT - iPhone 7 Plus

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Stealth Black
Stealth Black
Impossibly thin and designed to closely mimic the form and feel of your iPhone. Perfect for the discerning minimalist looking for an ultra thin iPhone 7 Plus case to protect against scratches and minor bumps. As featured in the Wall Street Journal, Macworld, 9to5Mac, and BGR.
Stealth Black
Stealth Black

Calling all minimalists. The thinnest iPhone case you've ever seen.

Veil XT is the thinnest iPhone 7 Plus case you've ever seen. Wrapping precisely around all sides of the iPhone (sans screen), it virtually disappears in your hand, yet still protects your iPhone from scratches and bumps. A full coverage, ultra thin iPhone case for the true minimalist.

Unparalleled attention to detail.

Details matter. That's why the Veil features a ridge around the camera cutout that's just thick enough to protect the iPhone's protruding camera. And a precision, micro-etched matte surface results in a beautiful finish that also provides excellent grip.

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I like the iPhone I wish you could be mine where can I find this at

I like the iPhone it's very timid if it's cheap I like you very much I will tell other people about it that's how much I liked it where can I find it at its very smoothing it has different color colors it seems very beautiful and smart and I think if it had if she has all the details I need like a regular iPhone I'm buying it 😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂

Best Thin Case I’ve Owned

This case feels like there is no case on your phone. I’ve bought similar cases in the past that started to fall apart within a few months. I would recommend this case to others. However, you drop your phone a lot I would get a thicker case.

Exactly the case I wanted

This case looks classy and offers some good protection without the bulk and excessive product branding of other phone cases. Keeps my 7 plus as close as possible to its original size and weight and pocket carry friendly. Just remember this is a minimalist case for everyday regular use but for me the fit and style are exactly what I wanted.

Best among a lot of options

There are a ton of thin cases out there for iPhones. If you're considering cases from Peel, Totallee, among others, stick with Caudabe's Veil XT. This is by far the most durable and most reasonably-priced option. It fits perfectly, is minimally branded, and feels a lot more grippy than the other two brands. This case is great for day to day use, you won't regret it.

Here's a tip - once you've cleaned your phone and have fitted the case, leave it on; don't take it off unless you absolutely need to. Cases like these are built to be fit on once and left on. Taking it on and off repeatedly will loosen the fit and render the case pointless and susciptible to falling apart.

Dimitar Petkov
Lovin it

Its my fifth Caudabe order these are top lads

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