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The Veil XT - iPhone 8

The Veil XT - iPhone 8


Impossibly thin and designed to closely mimic the form and feel of your iPhone. Perfect for the discerning minimalist looking for an ultra thin iPhone 8 case to protect against scratches and minor bumps. As featured in the Wall Street Journal, Macworld, 9to5Mac, and BGR.

Calling all minimalists. The thinnest iPhone case you've ever seen.

Veil XT is the thinnest iPhone 8 case you've ever seen. Wrapping precisely around all sides of the iPhone (sans screen), it virtually disappears in your hand, yet still protects your iPhone from scratches and bumps. A full coverage, ultra thin iPhone case for the true minimalist.

Unparalleled attention to detail.

Details matter. That's why the Veil features a ridge around the camera cutout that's just thick enough to protect the iPhone's protruding camera. And a precision, micro-etched matte surface results in a beautiful finish that also provides excellent grip.

Customer Reviews

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Simply the best

In the beginning i had used other brands which were similar in thinnest but failed very quickly. I then tried Caudabe and have kept on using this brand ever since. Originally had iphone 6s, bought caudabe, iphone X, bought caudabe, now own iphone 8, also using caudabe VEIL XT. I love that it adds almost nothing to the dimensions and has some extra grip then just bare phone. The aftercare is also great, using the warranty to get a replacement was hassle free. I just wish caudabe made cases for other phones like the pixel. My GF has a pixel 2 and now 3A, on both occasions i would first go to caudabe to have a look if there was a case. Sadly not. Overall should my next phone be an iphone again, Caudabe would be my first choice :)

Great Minimalist Case

I got this case because I wanted something that would be essentially invisible on my phone but also would offer some protection for bumps, scratches, etc. If you're like me and have been walking around with a naked iPhone but worry that something might happen to it, I definitely recommend grabbing this case. People don't even realize there's a case on my phone, yet the material adds a little extra grip without adding any bulk.

Belen G.
Simply perfect

Simply perfect.

looks great, works great

This is prefect protection for your phone against scratches and dings in your pocket and normal use. It's thin enough that you can put a heavy duty case over the top. The camera lens is nicely shielded, the controls are all perfectly accessible. The surface is lightly textured which looks great and gives a nice about of traction in your hand. I've dropped my phone in this case and it survived ok, but my screen protector took the brunt of the damage. The case has taken a few scratches, but that's what it's for. If anything, I would have gotten more than one as I'll replace this with the same once it starts getting trashed. I use it during the week when I'm basically desk bound, and on the weekend use extra protection.

Best case ever

I love my minimalist case!!! It’s so pretty and thin like you don’t even notice you have a case on .. it doesn’t streak or anything I would recommend it to anyone

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