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Veil - iPhone 11 Pro Max

Veil - iPhone 11 Pro Max


Impossibly thin and designed to closely mimic the form and feel of your iPhone. Perfect for the discerning minimalist looking for an ultra thin iPhone 11 Pro case to protect against scratches and minor bumps. As featured in the Wall Street Journal, Macworld, 9to5Mac, and BGR.

Calling all minimalists. The thinnest iPhone case you've ever seen.

Veil is the thinnest iPhone 11 Pro Max case you've ever seen. Wrapping precisely around all sides of the iPhone (sans screen), it virtually disappears in your hand, yet still protects your iPhone from scratches and bumps. A full coverage, ultra thin iPhone case for the true minimalist.

Unparalleled attention to detail.

Details matter. That's why the Veil features a ridge around the camera cutout that's just thick enough to protect the iPhone's protruding camera. And a precision, micro-etched matte surface results in a beautiful finish that also provides excellent grip.

Customer Reviews

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Gail Davis
Very lightweight

Great case, I had never used a case on my iPhone previously. But I dropped it recently and it did get some cracks on the back of the phone and I figured it was time to find a case. This one is so light weight and sleek, I love it. It protects your phone without feeling like you are carrying around briefcase!

Ronald Gomez
Best Minimalist Case Ever

I bought this case for my wife and she absolutely loves it, the phone feels like it has no case and still gives a bit of protection


It’s perfect.

Absolutely nailed it!

I’ve been using the Veil since my X and can say there is absolutely nothing better(and I’ve checked and tested!) If you are a true minimalist who is careful with their precious tech then you won’t be disappointed.

The Veil is the ONLY case I’ve found that does not impede on the beautiful screen. Something about slapping on any other case covers even just a small amount of screen and ruins it for me. The screen just doesn’t seem the same as holding a naked phone in your hand using any other case. Granted the Veil does not offer lay on the table protection but that’s why they make glass screen protectors.

The fit of the case, precise cutouts, textured grip and minimalist design make this the best case for me. Not to mention that forest green color is a perfect match to the green iPhone. I bought a black Veil also but I’m really digging the green. Thank you!

Perfect case for when you don't need much protection.

The fit and finish on this case is pretty much perfect. It is my first experience with an ultrathin case, and I'm happy with it. I intend to use it when I'm around the house, or somewhere that I know I won't be using my phone much, and therefore don't need much protection, as this case won't provide much more than added grip to the phone (yes, I do change my case frequently based on my use). If I need more protection, I'll use the Sheath which is also a great option, but the Veil is great for when you just want to appreciate the thinness of the phone itself.

Overall the cutouts are perfect, and there is enough rigidity to the case where it won't likely flex or warp. Very impressed with the color matching for the Midnight Green as well, it's pretty much spot on!

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