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Veil - iPhone 13 mini

Veil - iPhone 13 mini


Impossibly thin and designed to closely mimic the form and feel of your iPhone. Perfect for the discerning minimalist looking for an ultra thin iPhone 13 mini case to protect against scratches and minor bumps. Compatible with wireless charging and Apple's MagSafe wireless charger.

Calling all minimalists. The thinnest iPhone case you've ever seen.

Veil is the thinnest iPhone 13 mini case you've ever seen. Wrapping precisely around all sides of the iPhone (sans screen), it virtually disappears in your hand, yet still protects your iPhone from scratches and bumps. A full coverage, ultra thin iPhone case for the true minimalist.

Unparalleled attention to detail.

Details matter. That's why the Veil features a ridge around the camera cutout that's just thick enough to protect the iPhone's protruding camera. And a precision, micro-etched matte surface results in a beautiful finish that also provides excellent grip.

Customer Reviews

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Nicole Morgan
Exactly what I wanted

First time I’ve had a low profile case that truly doesn’t add bulk. It looks and feels the same as no case, except for that subtle texture which really does glue the phone to your hand. I’ve only dropped my phone once in the month I’ve had it and that’s down from like almost daily.

Unique low profile case

I drop my phone from my night stand and maybe a fumble during the day a couple times a month. Mix in alcohol and that average may tick up a bit. Bottom line, I am you stereotypical phone user. I have bought approximately 5 of these cases. The wear and tear is 3 months before you are start to see some serious degrade at the corners of the case. By six months, the case has seen better days and it is struggling to maintain a snug fit. I have complained about the quick deterioration. The only solution is to "upgrade" to one of their more robust case. Thus, making my phone a brick in my pocket and loses any aesthetic appeal brought by Caubade... This defeats the entire reason for why I was attracted to Caubade products in the first place.

Best case for those who want to go caseless

Love the frosted look. Easier to grab. Doesn't get oily. I've tried 5 different cases and this one is the best.


This is an excellent thin and lightweight case. In my view, it has the perfect balance between density, flexibility to avoid splitting when first inserting phone and enough mass for protection short of hard falls. A couple of suggestions to users: 1) use a screen protector as the screen is not protected by an extruding lip. 2) a 2" x 1/4" strip of grip tape on the sides where you pick it up makes a world of difference in how secure it feels in your hand. I've had a myriad of cases since before the iPhone existed. This is my favorite so far and will undoubtly purchase another when the time comes.

Skin with lens protection

If you are looking for a skin that protects the camera lenses when putting the phone down on surfaces, that is essentially what this is. The texture feels great in the hand and provides improved grip. Phone has no perceived added bulk. Offers no real screen or shock protection, so if you drop your phone this is not the case for you. The fit is impressively precise and there is no looseness to be found anywhere. For me, an edge-to-edge screen protector paired with the Veil is the perfect combination.

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