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ChargeFlex Pro Lightning Cable

ChargeFlex Pro Lightning Cable


Helix Red
Helix Red

The ultimate Lightning charging cable for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Designed for unparalleled durability, with an inner core constructed from heavy duty, extra thick wire gauge, wrapped in an exceptionally sleek and tough, ballistic-weave nylon. The 5ft (1.5m) extended length gives you extra flexibility when charging. Best of all, ChargeFlex Pro is certified by Apple for 100% compatibility with all of your Lightning-enabled Apple devices.
Helix Red
Helix Red

Never met a charging cable that got you excited? That changes now.

Admit it. We're all tired of those short, white Lightning cables that fray over time. ChargeFlex Pro is your solution: a sleek, ultra durable Lightning cable, wrapped in a stunning, ballistic-braided nylon outer shell. The 5 ft (1.5m) extended length gives you even further flexibility in your charging. Put simply, ChargeFlex Pro is the only Lightning cable you'll ever need.

Ready for the world. Designed to last.

We designed ChargeFlex Pro to last. We started with an inner core constructed from heavy duty, extra thick wire gauge which ensures optimal performance throughout the cable. That core is then wrapped in multiple insulating layers, including an exterior made from a high-strength, ballistic-weave nylon that's both incredibly tough and undeniably sleek. The result is a stunningly beautiful Lightning cable that can withstand thousands upon thousands of bends and, really, pretty much anything you throw at it.

Apple certified. Caudabe warrantied.

ChargeFlex Pro is certified through Apple's MFi program for complete compatibility with all of your iPhones, iPads, and iPods that utilize a Lightning port. And because it's a Caudabe product, ChargeFlex Pro is also covered by our Hassle-Free, One-Year Warranty. So even though ChargeFlex Pro is already built to withstand thousands of bends, twists, knots, and pulls, we've got your back just in case.

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