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The Sheath - iPhone 7

The Sheath - iPhone 7

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The perfect blend of minimalism and shock absorption. Drop tested to 2m / 6.6 ft. Ultra slim and manufactured from ShockLiteTM, a soft, gel-like, flexible polymer with excellent shock absorption. Compatible with wireless charging.

Exquisitely slim, shock absorbing protection.

The Sheath measures a mere 0.9mm at its thinnest point, yet is drop tested to 2m / 6.6 ft. Manufactured from ShockLiteTM, a soft, gel-like, flexible polymer with excellent shock absorption, the Sheath is the perfect blend of sleek, minimalist design and drop protection to cushion your iPhone from everyday drops and tumbles.

Considered craftsmanship.

A unique, micro-etched matte texture that strikes the perfect balance between great feel and excellent grip. Smooth, rounded edges that extend ever-so-slightly above your phone's screen for added protection. Button covers that provide satisfyingly tactile feedback. A thicker reinforced wall around the charging port to reduce wear over time. Every last detail, thoughtfully considered and crafted.

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John Doe
Great slim case

When I first got this case, I didn't use it because I thought it would be too thin. Although I planned to return the case, I had waited too long, so I decided to give the case another try. After using it for a few days, I've decided to keep it as my main phone case.

- Good texture, it doesn't slip around in your hand, but it's easy to slip in and out of your pocket. I also think the texture will help hide scratches and keep it looking good for longer.
- Very well fitted, the buttons are nice to press, and the cutouts are just enough to provide some protection without adding bulk.
- Very lightweight, it looks and feels almost like your phone doesn't have a case.

- Not the most durable. I haven't dropped my phone yet, so I can't offer real world feedback in this area. However, when you pull this case out of the box, you might be surprised at how light, thin, soft, and flexible it is. I was expecting a bit more rigidity.

In the end, this is a good case for someone who values ergonomic comfort and style over protection. With a good screen protector, I decided it was worth the trade off/risk.


Made old phone look new!

Just what I needed

The new thin case for my iPhone 7 came right away and fits perfectly. It’s exactly what I was looking for and makes my phone seem brand new👍


Just enough protection and barely adds any bulk to the phone. Slides easily into and out of my purse and pocket. Just what I needed.

Practically perfect

This is probably my favorite iPhone case of all time. At least as far as I can remember them, going all the way back to the 3G.

It adds very little bulk/volume and weight to the phone. It provides a relatively high degree of protection given its size and thickness.

Almost most-importantly, it makes the phones with the glass back less slippery and makes it possible to distinguish the front of the phone from the back just by touch (when reaching into your pocket to grab it, or when picking it up from a table). It's astonishing that Apple designers did not see fit to make this distinction apparent in the design of the phone itself, but this case gets that job done without, again, making the phone too bulky.

Great job!

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