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The Veil - iPhone 6/6S Plus

The Veil - iPhone 6/6S Plus

$29 $18.85

The original minimalist case that started it all, and the gold standard in minimalist protection. At a mere 0.35mm, it's the thinnest case you've ever seen. As featured in the Wall Street Journal, 9to5Mac, MacWorld,, and Wirecutter.

For the full coverage version of the Veil, check out the Veil XT for iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus.

Customer Reviews

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Stocking up!

I love the Veil. This case is a bargain for $9.57! I may upgrade my phone next year as my 6 Plus is starting to feel sluggish, but I just picked up another one of these at this price. Just so people know, this is not the version that covers the bottom. That's the "XT". I actually like the bottom-less better.

What I Wanted

The Veil is what I have been looking for and at the right price. An ultra minimalistic case that offers my iPhone scratch protection and adds a HINT of grip.

A word of caution; the case it self can be easily damaged. It gathers light scratches...which I expected; however you can create stress marks if you put it on incorrectly. So take the extra 15 seconds to put it on correct and I am sure you will be satisfied.

Should not break when you drop your phone

You do not want your case to break when you drop your phone once. I would like to get a new one for free since this was not what I was expecting when I bought it .

Hi Michael, you're absolutely entitled to a warranty replacement! Feel free to contact us at and we'd be happy to help.

Do also note that the Veil is designed for those who would otherwise go bare with their iPhones, but just want scratch and bump protection. If you'd like something that's super slim but still protective and much more durable, check out the Caudabe Sheath!

Caudabe Support

Nice case!

Really like the minimalist and eleganence that the case offers. If there was a circular opening where the Apple logo is on the back of the phone, this case would be second to none!


True minimalist here, and the Veil really speaks my language. Only downside that it breaks easily if you drop your phone in it, but hey, at least it's not your phone that breaks.

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